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Courses for Parents, Teachers, and School Bus Drivers

Learn How to Build Healthy Relationships

With the Children in Your Life:

At Home

Start With a Solid Foundation

school bus driver standing in front of school bus with a line of children

On the Way To School

Show Children Under Your Supervision You Care

young female teacher with young students in a group

In the Classroom

Connect With Students and Watch Them Thrive


Striking a balance between being kind and being firm is critical to any supervision.

                                                                – Ivan Brewer

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Simply Parenting

This course will teach you how to parent without coercion, punishment, or manipulation. Reach out to your child in such a way that they will listen to you, respect you, and most of all know that you love them.

father and son sitting on a sofa with arms around each other's shoulders

Simply Parenting for Christians

In addition to what is taught in Simply Parenting, you will learn how to apply Christian principles in your parenting.  Relationships built upon a foundation of faith can help your family overcome the challenges of life, together.

Transporting Students

When the safety and wellbeing of dozens of schoolchildren is in your hands, it’s important to keep a level head. Learn how to supervise with warmth and set boundaries when necessary to ensure the safety of all passengers.

school bus driver handing aa girl her backpack line of kids getting on the bus

Classroom Supervision

Learn how to succeed in the classroom. Children will respond to your empathy, experience, and authority. When they know you genuinely care, you’ll be able to connect with them at a level that touches their hearts and minds.

I’m Ivan Brewer

After raising one son, 20 years of foster parenting, 12 years of teaching, six years as houseparent at a ranch for delinquent teenage boys, and 13 years of school bus driving I have learned how to supervise students in a healthy way that is respectful and non-confrontational.

Let me show you how.

See What Our Students Have to Say…

Simply Parenting Course

“It is in my heart to tell all who desire a wholesome family experience to join…in a …(Simply Parenting)…seminar.”

Keith, Director of Emergency Shelter & Residence

Classroom Supervision Course

“This is information that should have been, but wasn’t, taught in my college teacher preparation classes.”

Karol, Former Teacher and Administrator

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